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We Find FriendsThere are thousands of People Search sites online that claim they can help you find and locate anyone by using your home computer. but most of these companies access public data bases on consumers and businesses to locate and identify people. The majority of these people search services will charge you a fee to view the complete people search profile you've searched for. This people search fee can range from $7.00 and up as high as $39.00. The reason these people search results are so high is simple... The people search niche is massive!!! 30% of all searches that are performed online with google, yahoo, msn, bing etc, are people searching for other people. It was only a matter of time before the business world would realize that there was a huge profit to be made in the people search niche. The truth is that with enough time you could locate just about anyone in the world using the internet. Unfortunately, it can take a ton of man hours and up to several days to pinpoint the exact person you are searching for. And this is the reason that there are so many company's that have got into the peoplesearch business, and this is a niche that is still growing with no end in sight. And these businesses know that time is the one thing that we don't have enough of. With this knowledge they have created the fast food equivilant to locate friends, family etc...just like a mc donalds, or burger king. However not all people search company's are the same. The majority of these people search company's use exactly the same public data base to retrieve your search results. Many will make huge promises and unrealisitic claims that lead to old and outdated information. Almost anything that a paid service can find, you could find yourself for free!!! But before you pursue anykind of people search mission, your first step should always be to search the top three search engines Google, Yahoo, Msn. These search engines are a great starting point for anykind fo people search performed on the internet. Most of the time the information that you get from these three search engines will help you narrow your search by giving you clue's to help pinpoint who you are looking for. Good luck with your people search and i hope you find who you are looking for!Are You Looking For A Phone Number
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