Meet me in person below!
Meet me in person below!

How I Bought a Brand New $1.2 Million Home Using ONLY Affiliate Commissions Earned While I Was Unemployed

YUK!  I already sound like so many "Internet marketing gurus" pitching their crappy information products.  I'm not a guru and I'm not selling useless ebooks or videos.  I'm just someone who couldn't get a "real job" and stumbled across something called affiliate programs.  That was a few years ago, and the rest is history, as they say.  Take a few minutes to read this, you'll learn how YOU can use affiliate programs to transform your financial situation, regardless of your background, education or income level.  I'm proof.

$1.2 Million Dream Home Bought with Only Affiliate Commissions!

My name is Tissa Godavitarne and it's true.  100% of the money my wife and I needed to build our dream home above came from affiliate commissions earned by promoting products from three well-known affiliate networks.  I can honestly say "100%", because both of us were unemployed, we had little savings, and no wealthy relatives!  And for the record: I'm a college drop-out who's never been able to hold a 9 to 5 job.  If I could pull this off, anyone can.  I'm about to show you how.


$2.2 Million Dollars in Affiliate Commissions for 2007
(From Just ONE Affiliate Program!)

In a ploy to gain your confidence, so many "marketing gurus" make outrageous claims about their earnings - but hide behind web sites with no real way to verify their claims.  What are they hiding?  Here's my IRS Form 1099, required by law to report income, that I will gladly show you in-person as well.  If you're ever in the Washington DC area, drop by my office, or feel free to call me at 703-788-6758.  As you can see, commissions earned in 2007 from just ONE affiliate program: $2.2 MILLION DOLLARS!

Form 1099 Showing $2.2 Million Earned From Just ONE Affiliate Program!


Admittedly $600,000 of That Was Spent on Advertising -
But That's STILL $1.6 Million Dollars in Pure PROFIT Last Year!

This is something the so-called gurus NEVER tell you: How much they had to spend on advertising to earn all that money!  (And how much YOU would have to spend on advertising to earn all that money.)  A screenshot showing $30,000 earned in 30 days doesn't mean much if they spent $29,000 in advertising for the month!  Although I earned $2.2 million in affiliate commissions, $600,000 of that was spent on pay-per-click advertising in Google and Yahoo - for a net profit of $1.6 million dollars!


Letter from Google Recognizing 1 Million Leads!


So HOW Did I Make Millions of Dollars in Affiliate Commissions?
First, Here's How I DIDN'T Do It:

I didn't spend a penny on ANY program that promised to make me money.  (The only people making money with those are the ones selling the programs.)  I didn't download any "killer" eBooks or software.  I didn't join anyone's MLM downline.  I passed on "free website" offers.  I didn't follow the advice of any blog-happy gurus.  I didn't attend any sales seminars.  I didn't watch any videos that changed my life.  Ditto on anything porn, poker, pyramid, or ponzi related.

Basically, I didn't do all the things that so many people get suckered into doing.  Ask yourself how many programs you've bought in the past because you were told you could make money with them.  Be honest.  And how many of those programs actually worked as advertised?  I'm willing to bet NONE.  If they had worked, you wouldn't be reading this - you would be on a beach somewhere sipping umbrella drinks.  Did any of those programs help you achieve financial freedom?

I achieved financial freedom without "getting rich quick."  And now, financial freedom means being able to stay at home and spend the day with my wife and son.  It means my wife doesn't have to go out to work.  It means we can send our son to a private school.  It means several family vacations every year.  It means we never have to worry how we're going to make the next car or mortgage payment.  It means not worrying about bills or debts.  What does financial freedom mean to YOU?


I Did It By Investing $100,000 to Build a Niche Search Engine
Around a HUGELY Popular Topic!

And I mean HUGE: One-third of all searches on Google and Yahoo are related to this topic!  (That's about 20 BILLION searches monthly.)  Search engine experts agree it is one of the most popular search topics - and growing.  Except, even Google and Yahoo DON'T have the specialized results people search for in this niche!  I saw the opportunity, and decided to build a search engine around this topic to "supply" the demand.  Two years and $100,000 later, my niche search engine was born.

It works like any other search engine: People enter keywords and get free results.  But here's the difference: Every time users get results, I get affiliate commissions!  Imagine having a search engine where you get paid every time users get results!  There's no big secret about the affiliate products themselves - they're promoted by many affiliates.  What's unique is the TECHNIQUE my search engine uses to generate HUGE profits.  (A good thing, since it costs $25,000 a month just to maintain its database!)

With a third of all online searches related to this lucrative niche, it's not surprising that there is FIERCE advertiser competition in Google and Yahoo.  And the advertising is dominated by multimillion-dollar corporations promoting their own products.  Yet I've been able to advertise my niche search engine in Google and Yahoo, thanks to its rapid-fire ability to generate sales.  While other affiliates have faltered, I've consistently run with the "big boys" in Google and Yahoo, reaping millions in commissions!


You Don't Need $100,000 in Start-up Money:
I'll Give You Your Own Niche Search Engine IDENTICAL to Mine!

At this point, you should be asking yourself: "Why on earth would he want to share his secrets?"  It's a great question, and I wish more people asked themselves that before buying the latest guru's "get rich quick" program.  Because usually, it's only the people selling the program that are getting rich quick!  I mean, think about it: If you had figured out a way to make tons of money, would you share it with the world?  Of course not!  So why am I willing to share MY secrets?

Simple: Because the more money you make with YOUR niche search engine, the more money I will make.  Let me explain: Because my search engine generates such tremendous sales volume, the affiliate networks recently agreed to pay me "2nd-tier" commissions for sales referred by other affiliates as well.  So in addition to the hefty commissions they will pay you, they will also pay me a second, smaller commission for every sale you make!

Are you beginning to see the incredible opportunity here?  You will have your own niche search engine, IDENTICAL to the search engine that has generated MILLIONS of dollars in commissions for me.  The same search engine that took two years and $100,000 to develop, and costs $25,000 a month to maintain.  All you have to do is send Web traffic to your search engine, and you'll be paid hefty commissions whenever people get their free search results!


You Don't Need $600,000 for Advertising Either:
I'll Advertise YOUR Search Engine in Google and Yahoo for FREE!

Rewind:  Earlier I said "All you have to do is send Web traffic to your search engine, and you'll be paid hefty commissions whenever people get their free search results!"  All of that is 100% true.  But this is where so many "gurus" leave you hanging after they've taken your money, and why so many people fail.  Because unless you're an experienced online marketer with deep pockets, you lack the ability to generate targeted Web traffic.  So how will you make those commissions?  You won't.

If you earn, I'll earn.  Which is why I'll start you off by advertising YOUR search engine for FREE at the ACME People Search forum, top-ranked in Google and Yahoo!  You don't have to know a thing about online ad campaigns, and you don't have to pay Google or Yahoo a dime.  I'll send targeted traffic to your search engine.  When people get their results, the affiliate networks will pay YOU those commissions.  THAT is how confident I am in the power of my search engine to generate profits for BOTH of us.

Some would say I'm putting my money where my mouth is.  They're right.  Because I can't think of a better way to demonstrate confidence in my search engine - and YOUR ability to earn HUGE commissions with it.  When was the last time you saw any of those marketing gurus paying to use THEIR methods to make YOU money?  Never.  Think about that: If they can't make money with the very methods they're trying to sell you, how on earth can YOU make money with them?


You Won't Make Millions of Dollars.
But How Does a Few Thousand Extra Dollars Every Month Sound?

Will your niche search engine earn millions of dollars in affiliate commissions like mine has?  Probably not.  But imagine an extra $3,000 to $5,000 a month from your own, fully AUTOMATED search engine.  It's a search engine after all, so it HAS to be fully automated!  The "gurus" are fond of saying their money-making systems run on "autopilot".  But what could be more automated than a search engine that's online 24/7, earning you commissions every time someone uses it?

Having your own niche search engine means you can tap into a huge, pre-existing demand (a third of all searches on Google and Yahoo, remember?)  Common sense should tell you that it's a whole lot easier to make money by catering to an existing need, than cold-calling, closing sales, or recruiting people for a downline!  Of course, the gurus hawking those kinds of products WON'T tell you that, because they are catering to a different need: Your desire to make money!  Don't fall for it.

If you've read this far, chances are you're precisely the type of person I want to partner with.  (The people who prefer to "get rich quick" have usually left by now, since I wasn't quick enough ;-)  If you'd like to form a true partnership that allows both of us to make a LOT of money together, sign up below.  No special skills or experience are required to bring your own niche search engine alive on the Internet!  I've already done the hard work - and made all the mistakes - for you :-)
  • Your OWN Income-Generating Niche Search Engine
    The SAME search engine that costs me $25,000 a month but generates MILLIONS of dollars in affiliate commissions!
  • FREE Advertising in Google and Yahoo via the Forum
    I'll advertise YOUR people search engine at the popular ACME People Search forum, top-ranked in Google and Yahoo!
  • NO eBooks to Download and NO Videos to Watch ;-)
    I'll leave that to the gurus.  The only people making money on those crappy info products are the ones selling them to you.
And by the way, I'm NOT going to make you surrender your email address to some autoresponder before I "show you the money". That's a trick used by gurus so they can bombard you with more get-rich-quick offers in case you don't buy into their first offer! My search engine speaks for itself, and if you're the type of partner I'm looking for, it will speak to YOU.

Create your FREE niche search engine for earning affiliate program commissions

To Our Partnership,

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